Leland G Neuberg

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BACKGROUND Access to timely and effective medical services can reduce rates of premature mortality attributed to certain conditions. We investigate rates of total and avoidable mortality (AM) and the percentage of avoidable deaths in France, England and Wales and the United States, three wealthy nations with different health systems, and in the urban cores(More)
This book seeks to integrate research on cause and effect inference from cognitive science, econometrics, epidemiology, philosophy, and statistics+ It puts forward the work of its author, his collaborators, and others over the past two decades as a new account of cause and effect inference that can aid practical researchers in many fields, including(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated the association between average income or deprivation and infant mortality rate across neighborhoods of 4 world cities. METHODS Using a maximum likelihood negative binomial regression model that controls for births, we analyzed data for 1988-1992 and 1993-1997. RESULTS In Manhattan, for both periods, we found an association(More)
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