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The analysis of multi-level inventory/distribution systems has been pursured from both the analytical and similation viewpoints. The simulation model IDIMS (Inventory and Distribution of Items in a Multi-echelon System) is presented and demonstrated in this paper. IDIMS can handle up to ten separate items at four levels of a distribution system, including a(More)
This paper presents a procedure for analyzing municipal information flows in order to identify discrete databases and prioritize their applications for time-phased implementation. Techniques of user communication and questionnaire design are discussed. The priorities result from specific factors which are used to numerically rate each database application(More)
Dynamic data reconciliation problems are discussed from the perspective of the mathematical theory of ill{posed inverse problems. Regularization is of crucial importance to obtain satisfactory estimation quality of the reconciled variables. Usually, some penalty is added to the least{squares objective to achieve well{posedness of the problem. However,(More)
This paper discusses traditional economic analysis methodologies used in evaluating manufacturing systems and points out some potential problems with these methodologies because of the omission of certain cost elements in the analysis and/or not having an appropriate mechanism for accurately estimating certain additional cost elements and product revenues.(More)
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