Lejian Zhang

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Weibo is a very popular microblogging social network for people to share and spread news with their followers in China. And everybody in Weibo can be an information source. The massages propagate quite quickly especially when it is a hot event. We proposed a method on how to predict the retweeting number of a certain tweet related to popular topic. Our(More)
Due to inevitable cross-layer conflict existing in route objectives of overlay routing and traffic engineering, the interaction between two selfish players causes route oscillations and network performance loss. The interaction is investigated as a Nash routing game with best-reply, where two players have equal status, and take turn to optimize their(More)
A network testbed with high flexibility plays an important role in testing and evaluating new network technology. Both researchers and engineers always need a network testbed which can customize network experiment on demand. Some of the existing cloud computing platforms lack network customization while some network experimental platform can not provide(More)
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