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The theory of parent-offspring conflict (POC) provides a plausible evolutionary foundation for the dissonant behavioral interactions commonly observed between adults and their progeny. It has been modelled extensively, but its predictions for phenotypes are murky and have been subjected to scant empirical testing. The least ambiguous cases are likely to(More)
BACKGROUND In July 1995 the volcano on the West Indian island of Montserrat erupted after being inactive for several hundred years. Since then, clouds of ash have been released intermittently from the volcano. Some of this ash is <10 micro m in diameter and therefore respirable. Concerns were raised that the particles might cause respiratory problems. (More)
3.1 INTRODUCTION Water distribution networks serve many purposes in addition to the provision of water for human consumption, which often accounts for less than 2% of the total volume supplied. Piped water is used for washing, sanitation, irrigation and fire fighting. Networks are designed to meet peak demands; in parts of the network this creates low-flow(More)
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