Leisha Hawker

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1. A detailed laboratory method is described for the labelling of human platelets with [111In]indium oxine. The 45 min method is simple, requires on 26 ml of blood and is suitable for routine clinical use. 2. After the labelling and resuspension of the platelets in plasma, aggregation responses to both adenosine diphosphate and collagen were similar to(More)
The properties of fibrinogen extracted by a precipitation method using glycine at ambient temperatures near neutral pH are described. The simple and reproducible method gives a 73% yield of high purity plasminogen-free fibrinogen in 45 minutes from small volumes of plasma. The protein extract was labelled with 125I using chloramine-T under conditions(More)
A simple, rapid method is described for the labelling of platelets with 111indium oxine for use in a microcytotoxicity assay. The assay described gives low levels of spontaneous lysis, good reproducibility and an end point may be determined by autoradiography as well as by direct measurement of release of 111indium. The labelled platelets, stored at 4(More)