Leisha E Wood

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Exposure to tobacco smoke is measured by a variety of invasive and noninvasive techniques. Our purpose was to examine how well some of these measures correlated when obtained simultaneously from the same subjects. On three occasions, six subjects were studied while they were smoking a single cigarette after 24 hr of abstinence. There were positive(More)
Postmortem examinations are performed for a number of reasons. Medical autopsies are performed at the request of and with the consent of the next of kin of a decedent and are often requested to determine the extent of a disease process or to evaluate therapy. In contrast, medicolegal autopsies are performed by a forensic pathologist primarily to determine(More)
Shotguns are used in a considerable number of homicides and suicides, and while gunshot wounds are extensively reported in the literature, there is a paucity of shotgun deaths. To specifically study deaths by shotguns, all deaths due to shotguns examined at the Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office between 1988 and 2005 were reviewed. The cases were(More)
INTRODUCTION Delayed post-traumatic spinal cord infarction is a devastating complication described in children. In adults, spinal cord ischemia after cardiovascular interventions, scoliosis correction, or profound hypotension has been reported in the literature. However, delayed spinal cord infarction after minor head trauma has not been described yet. (More)
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