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Protein content (PC) and protein index (PI) play important roles in determining nutritional quality in rice (Oryza sativa L.). We used 71 lines derived from “Asominori/IR24” to analyze the developmental behavior of PC and PI through unconditional and conditional QTL mapping methods. In all, 10 unconditional QTLs and 6 conditional QTLs for PC, and 11(More)
Fat content (FC) is an important component of the nutritional quality of the rice (Oryza sativa L.) grain and a partial determinant of grain quality. Three FC QTLs were identified from an analysis of a set of rice 'Kasalath'/'Koshihikari' backcross inbred lines, which were grown in three independent environments. Two of these QTLs (qFC7.1 and qFC7.2) were(More)
Accumulation and distribution of Zn and Cd in the hyperaccumulator plant Sedum plumbizincicola were investigated in a hydroponic experiment. Mean Cd and Zn concentrations in shoots (7,010 and 18,400 mg kg(-1)) were about sevenfold and fivefold higher than those in roots (840 and 3,000 mg kg(-1)) after exposure to 100 μM CdSO4 and 600 μM ZnSO4, respectively.(More)
Nowadays data security is making a way into market. New techniques of data security have gained interest of many researchers. Encryption-Decryption technique is one such way of data security. These techniques not only provide confidentiality, integrity of data but also help in authentication of user. Authentication is possible because encryption-decryption(More)
Mobile E-commerce (M-commerce) service raises a number of security and privacy challenges. To address this, we propose an advanced mobile security solution and related security methodology based on distribute key without changing hardware configuration of the mobile devices. The solution consists of the UE (User Equipment), an electronic security key (eKey)(More)