Leimeng Zhuang

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A new class of integrated optical waveguide structures is presented, based on low cost CMOS compatible LPCVD processing. This technology allows for medium and high index contrast waveguides with very low channel attenuation. The geometry is basically formed by a rectangular crosssection silicon nitride (Si3N4) filled with and encapsulated by silicon dioxide(More)
An experimental prototype is presented that illustrates the implementation aspects and feasibility of the novel ring resonator-based optical beamformer concept that has been developed and analyzed in Part I of this paper [1]. This concept can be used for seamless control of the reception angle in broadband wireless receivers employing a large phased array(More)
A novel method is presented for determining the group index, intensity enhancement and delay times for waveguide gratings, based on (Rayleigh) scattering observations. This far-field scattering microscopy (FScM) method is compared with the phase shift method and a method that uses the transmission spectrum to quantify the slow wave properties. We find a(More)
Optical ring resonators (ORRs) can be used as continuously tunable delay elements in a beam forming network for a phased-array antenna system. The bandwidth of such delay elements can be enhanced by cascading multiple ORRs. When delays and splitting/combining circuitry are integrated in one optical circuit, an optical beam forming network (OBFN) is(More)
We report experimental observations of the negative-group-velocity (v(g)) phenomenon in an integrated-optical two-port ring-resonator circuit. We demonstrate that when the v(g) is negative, the (main) peak of output pulse appears earlier than the peak of a reference pulse, while for a positive v(g), the situation is the other way around. We observed that a(More)
For enhanced communication on board aircraft, novel antenna systems with broadband satellite-based capabilities are required. The technology will enhance airline operations by providing in-flight connectivity for flight crew information and will bring live TV and highspeed Internet connectivity to passengers. The installation of such systems on board(More)
We report, for the first time, an integrated photonic signal processor consisting of a reconfigurable optical delay line (ODL) with a separate carrier tuning (SCT) unit and an optical sideband filter on a single CMOS compatible photonic chip. The processing functionalities are carried out with optical ring resonators as building blocks. We show that the(More)
We present an overview of several microwave photonic processing functionalities based on combinations of Mach-Zehnder and ring resonator filters using the high index contrast silicon nitride (TriPleX™) waveguide technology. All functionalities are built using the same basic building blocks, namely straight waveguides, phase tuning elements and directional(More)
A novel phased array receive antenna steering system is introduced. The core of this system is an optical ring resonator-based broadband, continuously tunable optical beam forming network (OBFN). In the proposed system architecture, filter-based optical single-sideband suppressed-carrier modulation and balanced coherent optical detection are used. Such(More)