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—An experimental prototype is presented that illustrates the implementation aspects and feasibility of the novel ring resonator-based optical beamformer concept that has been developed and analyzed in Part I of this paper [1]. This concept can be used for seamless control of the reception angle in broadband wireless receivers employing a large phased array(More)
— Optical ring resonators (ORRs) can be used as continuously tunable delay elements in a beam forming network for a phased-array antenna system. The bandwidth of such delay elements can be enhanced by cascading multiple ORRs. When delays and splitting/combining circuitry are integrated in one optical circuit, an optical beam forming network (OBFN) is(More)
—A novel phased array receive antenna steering system is introduced. The core of this system is an optical ring resonator-based broadband, continuously tunable optical beam forming network (OBFN). In the proposed system architecture, filter-based optical single-sideband suppressed-carrier modulation and balanced coherent optical detection are used. Such(More)
Optical ring resonators (ORRs) are good candidates to provide continuously tunable delay in optical beam forming networks (OBFNs) for phased array antenna systems. Delay and splitting/combining elements can be integrated on a single optical chip to form an OBFN. A state-of-the-art 1× 8 OBFN chip has been fabricated in LPCVD waveguide technology. It is(More)
—For enhanced communication on board aircraft, novel antenna systems with broadband satellite-based capabilities are required. The technology will enhance airline operations by providing in-flight connectivity for flight crew information and will bring live TV and high-speed Internet connectivity to passengers. The installation of such systems on board(More)
A novel squint-free, continuously tunable beamformer mechanism for a phased array antenna system is proposed. It consists of filter-based optical single-sideband suppressed-carrier modulation, a fully integrated optical beam forming network using cascades of optical ring resonators as tunable delay elements, and balanced coherent optical detection. The(More)
We report a direct experimental observation of pulse temporal behavior in an integrated optical two-port ring-resonator circuit as a function of coupling strength, including the transition across the critical coupling point. We demonstrate the observation of pulse 'advancement' in the negative v g regime and pulse delay in the positive v g regime. We also(More)
A squint-free, continuously tunable optical beamformer for broadband phased array receive antennas is proposed. The complete system is demonstrated, including E/O and O/E conversions, and optical signal processing. The latter involves delay synchronization and coherent optical combining, which is performed in an integrated ring resonator-based optical beam(More)