Leili Mohammadi

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Heavy metals pollution has become a more serious environmental problem in the last several decades as a result releasing toxic materials into the environment. Various techniques such as physical, chemical, biological, advanced oxidation and electrochemical processes were used for the treatment of domestic, industrial and agricultural effluents. The commonly(More)
2,4-Dichlorophenol (2,4-DCP) is one of the seriously toxic chlorophenol compounds found in agricultural environments, in water disinfected by chlorine, and in outgoing effluents from the pulp and paper industries and paper manufacturing factories. This research studied the feasibility of using MgO nanoparticles (MgO-NPs) as a catalyst in the ozonation(More)
The management of dental solid waste continues to be a major challenge, particularly in most healthcare facilities of the developing world. In Iran, few studies on management of dental solid waste and its composition are available. An effort has been made through this study to evaluate the hazardous and infectious status of dental solid waste, keeping in(More)
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