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Methyl methanesulfonate, a well-known direct-acting genotoxicant, was assessed in a multi-endpoint study in rats using six closely spaced dose levels. The main goal of the study was to investigate the genotoxic response at very low doses and to analyse this response with dedicated statistical tools in order to find a Point of Departure (PoD) and related(More)
We explore the extent to which the decisions of participants in a speculative market effectively account for information contained in prices and price movements. The horserace betting market is chosen as an ideal environment to explore these issues. A conditional logit model is constructed to determine winning probabilities based on bookmakers’ closing(More)
Mutagenic and clastogenic effects of some DNA damaging agents such as methyl methanesulfonate (MMS) and ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS) have been demonstrated to exhibit a nonlinear or even "thresholded" dose-response in vitro and in vivo. DNA repair seems to be mainly responsible for these thresholds. To this end, we assessed several mutagenic alkylators in(More)
This paper introduced and adopted multispectrum imaging analysis to conduct the corresponding research and the exploration for the purpose of effectively solving the problems of printing identification such as credentials, bills, legal documents and so on. In addition, it designed and had realized a method to identify printing that had laid a foundation for(More)
The value of the customer has been widely recognised in terms of financial planning and efficient resource allocation including the financial service industry. Previous studies have shown that directly observable information can be used in order to make reasonable predictions of customer attrition probabilities. However, these studies do not take full(More)
Weeding and fertilization are important farming practices. Integrated weed management should protect or improve the biodiversity of farmland weed communities for a better ecological environment with not only increased crop yield, but also reduced use of herbicides. This study hypothesized that appropriate fertilization would benefit both crop growth and the(More)
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