Leilani Cammack

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The conditions under which the absorption enhancer palmitoyl L-carnitine chloride (PCC) improved the bioavailability of the poorly absorbed antibiotic cefoxitin throughout the rat intestine has been studied. Cefoxitin alone was appreciably absorbed only in the duodenum (31% vs <7% elsewhere). PCC solutions (3 mg/rat, pH 4.0) enhanced cefoxitin(More)
Rats, dogs, sheep, and cattle were implanted subcutaneously with stainless-steel tissue cages. Bolus injections of cefoxitin and ivermectin were administered to the interiors of the tissue cages 11, 32, and 60 days after implantation to simulate pulsatile drug release from an implanted device. Plasma drug levels were determined for 6 h for cefoxitin and up(More)
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