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Sexual cannibalism in a facultative parthenogen: the springbok mantis (Miomantis caffra)
Lay Summary Female springbok mantises cannibalize males with high frequency regardless of how well-fed they are. For other species, when females cannibalize without mating, they risk remainingExpand
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Using te reo Māori and ta re Moriori in taxonomy
Linnaean names are an anchor for biological information about a species, and having clear, unique, taxonomic names is vital for scientific communication. Accordingly, there are specific rules andExpand
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The role of exaggerated male chelicerae in male–male contests in New Zealand sheet-web spiders
Animal weaponry has long captured the imagination of researchers and these weapons are frequently exaggerated in size. Large weapons are particularly common in species in which males defend femalesExpand
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The Pakaru ‘Pipeline’: Māori and Pasifika Pathways within the Academy
We examine the academic ‘pipeline’ for Māori and Pasifika graduates and illustrate the chronic underrepresentation of Māori and Pasifika in permanent academic positions in New Zealand universities.Expand
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Where to from Here? Women Remain Absent from Senior Academic Positions at Aotearoa New Zealand’s Universities
In light of policies and programs designed to address the domination of academic positions by male, frequently white individuals, we review the participation of women, one of multiple minorityExpand
Under-represented and overlooked: Māori and Pasifika scientists in Aotearoa New Zealand’s universities and crown-research institutes
This article provides insights into the ethnicity of people employed in Aotearoa New Zealand’s publicly-funded scientific workforce, with a particular focus on Māori and Pasifika scientists. We sho...
A preliminary molecular phylogeny for New Zealand sheet-web spiders (Cambridgea) and comparison of web-building behaviour
ABSTRACT Spider webs vary in size to meet the nutritional requirements of the resident spider with the resident’s body size strongly informing these requirements. In this way, the effect of body sizeExpand