Leila Tajedin

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XPD helicase, a TFIIH subunit, is essential for several processes including transcription, NER, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis in eukaryotes. Another component of TFIIH, namely p44, is among the well-known interacting partners of XPD and is vital in regulating the helicase activities of latter. However, none of the above mentioned proteins have been(More)
BACKGROUND Many microorganisms in midgut of mosquito challenge with their host and also other pathogens present in midgut. The aim of this study was presence of non-pathogens microorganisms like fungal flora which may be crucial on interaction between vectors and pathogens. METHODS Different populations of Anopheles stephensi were reared in insectary and(More)
BACKGROUND Ectoparasites of mammalian hosts play an important role for transmission of diseases from the host reservoirs to human. The aim of this study was to determine the species composition and infestation parameters for parasitic arthropods associated with Rhombomys opimus. METHODS Ectoparasites of R. opimus were collected from seven endemic district(More)
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