Leila Shahmoradi

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Evaluation of Iran’s HIS (hospital Information System) ergonomic quality using IsoMetric 9241 part 10 and compared results of that evaluation with results of ergonomic quality evaluation other softwares which evaluated by IsoMetric 9241 part 10. This research study was conducted in two stages. In the first stage, the researchers evaluated the HIS of 13(More)
Accurate evaluation of healthcare information systems (HCIS) relies upon the choice of appropriate indicators. Iranian healthcare and health industry professionals were surveyed, by means of a descriptive cross sectional study, in order to identify the indicators they considered most relevant to the evaluation of healthcare information systems currently in(More)
OBJECTIVE To review published evidences about using information technology interventions in diabetes care and determine their effects on managing diabetes. DESIGN Systematic review of information technology based interventions. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS MEDLINE®/PubMed were electronically searched for articles published between 2004/07/01 and(More)
A knowledge management audit (KMA) is the first phase in knowledge management implementation. Incomplete or incomprehensive execution of the KMA has caused many knowledge management programs to fail. A study was undertaken to investigate how KMAs are performed systematically in organizations and present a comprehensive model for performing KMAs based on a(More)
BACKGROUND Today, despite the many advances in early detection of diseases, cancer patients have a poor prognosis and the survival rates in them are low. Recently, microarray technologies have been used for gathering thousands data about the gene expression level of cancer cells. These types of data are the main indicators in survival prediction of cancer.(More)
BACKGROUND Determination of minimum data set (MDS) in echocardiography reports is necessary for documentation and putting information in a standard way, and leads to the enhancement of electrocardiographic studies through having access to precise and perfect reports and also to the development of a standard database for electrocardiographic reports. AIM(More)
Recognizing similarities among the documents of a set is one of the objectives of retrieving information. The information related to the similarities of web pages can be used to present similar documents to users in order to retrieve considered information. In the present study, a new algorithm has been proposed to cluster web pages based on their(More)
INTRODUCTION One of the most important complications of post-transplant is rejection. Analyzing survival is one of the areas of medical prognosis and data mining, as an effective approach, has the capacity of analyzing and estimating outcomes in advance through discovering appropriate models among data. The present study aims at comparing the effectiveness(More)
Knowledge or information sharing (KIS) is an important aspect of organizational knowledge management (KM). Several factors affect the KIS process. This study investigates KM from a managerial viewpoint using a theoretical model that was developed based on a literature review conducted to evaluate KIS. This model was then tested for validity and reliability(More)