Leila Nemmiche Alachaher

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This paper introduces an efficient method for mining both positive and negative quantitative association rules using a tabular pruning and regrouping strategy coordinated with an interestingness measure. This measure evaluates the impact of a new variable on the concerned association
This paper presents a preprocessing step in mining association rules which uses tables to summarize synthetically the way variables interact by highlighting any zones which are attractive. Attractive zones are those which guarantee that potentially interesting rules will be extracted, and any irrelevant rules removed. These attractive zones will also make(More)
Cet article présente une méthode efficace pour l'extraction de règles d'influence quantitatives positives et négatives. Ces règles d'influence intro-duisent une nouvelle sémantique qui vise à faciliter l'analyse d'un volume important de données. Cette sémantique fixe la direction de la règle entre deux variables en positionnant, au préalable, l'une comme(More)
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