Leila M. Sears

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The authors examined a cognitive function mediated by the cerebellum, classical eyeblink conditioning, and its relationship to cerebellar volume in healthy controls (n = 59) and temporal lobe epilepsy subjects (n = 77). Controls demonstrated better conditioning, larger cerebellar volumes, and an association between conditioning and cerebellar volume that(More)
Nucleocapsid protein (N) is an essential RNA binding protein in many RNA viruses. During replication, N protein encapsidates viral genomic and antigenomic RNA, but not viral mRNA or other cellular RNAs. To discriminate between different species of RNA in a host cell, it is likely that N interacts with specific sequences and/or secondary structures on its(More)
Lipid rafts are specialized, cholesterol-rich membrane compartments that help to organize transmembrane signaling by restricting or promoting interactions with subsets of the cellular proteome. The hypothesis driving this study was that identifying proteins whose relative abundance in rafts is altered by the abused psychostimulant methamphetamine would(More)
Forty yearling cattle were injected intramuscularly with long-acting oxytetracycline and subcutaneously with tilmicosin by dart gun or by hand in a chute 28 days prior to slaughter. The drugs caused injection site lesions and antibiotic residues in the neck and thigh that varied by technique, dose, and site.
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