Leila Hedayatifar

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When many variables are coupled to each other, a single case study could not give us thorough and precise information. When these time series are stationary, different methods of random matrix analysis and complex networks can be used. But, in nonstationary cases, the multifractal-detrended-cross-correlation-analysis (MF-DXA) method was introduced for just(More)
The aim of the paper is an analysis of self-organization patterns observed in the unidirectional flow of pedestrians. On the basis of experimental data from Zhang et al. [J. Zhang et al., J. Stat. Mech. (2011) P0600410.1088/1742-5468/2011/06/P06004], we analyze the mutual positions and velocity correlations between pedestrians when walking along a corridor.(More)
Individuals often develop reluctance to change their social relations, called “secondary homebody”, even though their interactions with their environment evolve with time. Some memory effect is loosely present deforcing changes. In other words, in the presence of memory, relations do not change easily. In order to investigate some history or memory effect(More)
In the context of network dynamics, the complexity of systems increases possible evolutionary paths that often are not deterministic. Occasionally, some map routs form over the course of time which guide systems towards some particular states. The main intention of this study is to discover an indicator that can help predict these pseudo-deterministic paths(More)
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