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In this paper an automatic multilevel thresholding approach, based on Binary Particle Swarm Optimization, is proposed. The proposed approach automatically determines the "optimum" number of the thresholds and simultaneously searches the optimal thresholds, by optimizing a function which uses the gray level thresholds as parameters. The algorithm starts with(More)
In this paper, our work aims to show how region growing technique may be handled by swarming agents that are self-organisation in response to the local conditions of an image environment. In this approach, we combine the stigmergy mechanism with another type of swarm behavior: particle swarm optimization (PSO). PSO is used for optimize the search of the(More)
A new dynamic Multilevel Thresholding method (DMTBPSO), based on Binary Particle Swarm Optimization and Otsu's method, is proposed. This approach can automatically determine the appropriate number of thresholds as well as the adequate threshold values with saving a significant amount of computing time which is independent from the number of thresholds. The(More)
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