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Exposure of rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells to 0.1 mM 6-aminonicotinamide (6AN) for 24 hours resulted in a 500-fold increase in 6-phosphogluconate indicating active metabolism of glucose via the oxidative enzymes of the pentose phosphate pathway. Amounts of 6-phosphogluconate that accumulated in 6AN-treated cells at 24 hours were significantly increased by(More)
" Financialization " is the latest, and probably most widely used term by analysts trying to " name " and understand the contemporary rise of finance and its powerful role. The term had been developed long before the crisis of 2008 but, understandably, since the crisis hit, it has become even more popular. This vast and rapidly expanding literature on(More)
Executive Summary This paper analyzes exchange rate regimes implemented by the major Latin American countries since the Second World War, with special attention to the period of the second globalization process beginning in the 1970s. A central argument is that exchange rate policy has played a significant role in shaping many of the macroeconomic outcomes(More)
This study is an examination of the task performance patterns of Black and White, working and middle-class American children across a nonvaried and a varied presentation format condition: the relation of such patterns to activity levels in the home and to standardized achievement was also examined. Performance was better under the varied than the nonvaried(More)
Muscarinic receptor binding in PC12 cells is influenced by both nerve growth factor (NGF) and organophosphates. Treatment of PC12 cells with a single dose of NGF (50 ng, 7S NGF/ml) increased [3H]N-methylscopolamine ([3H]-NMS) binding sites approximately two-fold at 48 hr but did not change the Kd for this ligand. Exposure of PC12 cells to soman, 50 microM,(More)
Student participants in group therapy were hypothesized to improve on three dimensions of behavior as a result of therapy. It was further hypothesized that improvement would be related to participant eye color, with dark-eyed persons demonstrating greatest improvement and lighter-eyed individuals demonstrating lesser improvement. Differences were also(More)
Quantitative studies were made of cells in the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus nerve in the horse, dog, cat, pig, sheep, goat, and calf. This nucleus was larger in ruminants than in nonruminants. Some cells in all parts of the nucleus supplied visceral structures in the head, cervical, thoracic, and abdominal regions; however, a definite topographic(More)
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