Leila Brancato

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A sicca syndrome with parotid enlargement, pulmonary insufficiency, and lymphadenopathy was seen in 12 patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), only 1 of whom has had an opportunistic infection during 304 patient months of study. There was a striking increase in numbers of circulating CD8 lymphocytes and the prevalence of HLA-DR5 was(More)
Since osteonecrosis of the jaw was related to biphosphonate administration by Marx, studies showing clinical symptoms, drug and surgical therapies overwhelmed the literature. Furthermore, the literature demonstrated the correlation between chronic biphosphonate adsumption and osteonecrosis of the jaw onset. Nitrogen-containing biphosphonates are widely used(More)
Osteoporosis is a systemic disease in which the skeletal condition is characterized by a decreased mass of normally mineralized bone, due to an augmentation of bone resorption processes. Bone biomarkers serum are used for the diagnosis. On the other hand the main cause of the resorption in the bone jaws are periodontitis, inflammatory cysts, developmental(More)
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