Leila Afjehi-Sadat

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Systematic protein expression studies in the brain of exercising and sedentary animals have not been carried out so far and it was therefore decided to determine differences in metabolic protein levels in rat hippocampus of sedentary, voluntary and involuntary exercising rats by a proteomic approach. Aged, male Sprague-Dawley rats, 23 months old, were used(More)
A large part of mammalian proteomes is represented by hypothetical proteins (HP), i.e. proteins predicted from nucleic acid sequences only and protein sequences with unknown function. Databases are far from being complete and errors are expected. The legion of HP is awaiting experiments to show their existence at the protein level and subsequent(More)
Hippocampal functions vary across the estrous cycle but metabolic changes at the protein level have not been systematically studied so far. It was therefore the aim of the study to screen expression of metabolic proteins mainly represented by metabolic enzymes in the hippocampus over the estrous cycle and in males. Female and male OFA Sprague-Dawley rats(More)
Background: Chaperones (CH) play an important role in tumor biology but no systematic work on expressional patterns has been reported so far. The aim of the study was therefore to present an analytical method for the concomitant determination of several CH in human tumor cell lines, to generate expressional patterns in the individual cell lines and to(More)
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