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The paper discusses the notion of redesign, and identifies three dilemmas related to post implementation change of information systems. The dilemmas are 1) system development aims at designing stable computer systems for changing environments, 2) the activities requiring most time and effort are based on the weakest planning and organisation, and 3) despite(More)
This article presents a study of international students and their use of technology in a Scandinavian institution of Higher Education. A special emphasis is placed on patterns of use of a virtual learning environment (VLE) that is available to all the study programmes at the institution. Actor-Network Theory (ANT) is used as a theoretical approach to focus(More)
Responsibility for ensuring the quality of learning resources for schools has been relaxed or dissolved in many countries. For ICT-based learning resources this raises issues of e.g. how social (cultural, class, gender) responsibility will be ensured. In this paper, we discuss divergent views of where responsibility lies. With designers? With teachers who(More)
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