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Datasets originating from social networks are very valuable to many fields such as sociology and psychology. However, the supports from technical perspective are far from enough, and specific approaches are urgently in need. This paper applies data mining to psychology area for detecting depressed users in social network services. Firstly, a sentiment(More)
In order to support the conceptual development of Radio Access Technology (RAT) selection algorithms, the theory of Markov model has been used. Performance metrics can be derived from the steady state probabilities of a Markov model. This paper extends a User Level Markov model for a three colocated RATs system from existing two co-located RATs Markov(More)
Next generation wireless networks will be heterogeneous. Multiple Radio Access Technologies (RATs) will be colocated in the same area. A challenge arising is the efficient radio resource management among overlapped RATs. The concept of Common Radio Resource Management (CRRM) has been proposed in the literature. One of the key issues of CRRM(More)
In order to improve the spectrum efficiency in the femtocell network and mitigate the co-tier/cross-tier interference, we propose a novel graph-theoretic scheme based on coloring algorithm for self-adaptive spectrum resource allocation in femtocells. A dynamic orthogonal spectrum sharing between macrocell and femtocell is utilized in the proposed allocation(More)
The next generation wireless network is expected to be a heterogeneous. The Radio Access Technology (RAT) selection algorithm, including initial RAT selection and vertical handover, is one of the key research areas in Common Radio Resource Management (CRRM). A suitable RAT selection algorithm can maximize the system performance and Quality of Service (QoS)(More)
The Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) based system is highly sensitive to Radio Frequency (RF) impairments including phase noise and IQ imbalance at the receiver and High Power Amplifier (HPA) nonlinearity at the transmitter. In this paper, the theoretical characterization of the joint effects of these RF impairments on the performance of(More)
The future mobile network will be a heterogeneous system, which integrates different Radio Access Technologies (RATs). A major challenge arising in this heterogeneous network architecture is the radio resource management (RRM) strategy. Common RRM (CRRM) was proposed to jointly manage radio resources among different RATs in an optimized way rather than deal(More)
This paper presents a power optimization strategy based on pricing for femtocell-deployed networks. Assuming that the central Macrocell Base Station (MBS) considered as a leader sells transmission power quota to femtocells, a Stackelberg game is formulated and constraints to avoid unnecessary high transmission power are designed. The Stackelberg Equilibrium(More)
This paper forecasts Asia Pacific mobile market trends by observing growth trends of GSM and UMTS user numbers. Regression analysis is selected as the forecasting tool. It is predicted that both of the GSM and UMTS markets in Asia Pacific will keep experiencing an exponential growth. However, the growth rate for GSM will be relatively stable while the one(More)
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