Leigh Silverton

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Within a prospective, longitudinal study of offspring of schizophrenic mothers, computed tomographic scan-derived measurements of ventricular size were evaluated for a subsample consisting of schizophrenics, borderline schizophrenics (DSM-III schizotypal), and mentally healthy individuals. Schizophrenics exhibited larger ventricular sizes and borderline(More)
The authors conducted a double-blind crossover study to investigate the effects of marijuana on visual information processing. The authors used a tachistoscopic paradigm, and the results show no marijuana effect on the critical stimulus duration, a measure of stimulus intake. The visual backward masking data are compatible with a marijuana-induced slowness(More)
OBJECTIVE The relationship between suicide and social class has been equivocal. While some authors have reported that higher social class is related to higher rates of suicide, most other studies report that lower social class is associated with higher rates of suicide. Our study attempted to resolve these inconsistencies by using a High Risk for(More)
BACKGROUND A family history of completed suicide and psychiatric illness has been identified as risk factors for suicide. AIMS To examine the risk of offspring suicide in relation to parental history of suicide and other parental risk factors. METHOD The study population consisted of 7,177 adult offspring born 1959-1961 and their parents from the(More)
A familial link between schizophrenia and antisocial behavior has been established (e.g., Silverton, 1985). This study examined this relationship in a Danish cohort. The subjects were 36 high-risk males (offspring of a schizophrenic parent) and 36 low-risk males (offspring of parents without psychopathology). This high-risk subjects exhibited more(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore and compare perinatal and maternal outcomes in women at 'higher risk' of complications planning home versus obstetric unit (OU) birth. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING OUs and planned home births in England. POPULATION 8180 'higher risk' women in the Birthplace cohort. METHODS We used Poisson regression to calculate(More)