Leigh M. Weiss

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Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma (LEC), an undifferentiated carcinoma with pronounced lymphocytic infiltration, often is seen in the nasopharynx as well as in other areas. But such primary pulmonary lung neoplasms in children are rare, and we present the first reported case of primary pulmonary LEC in a child.
Giant cell (temporal, cranial) arteritis (GCA) is usually confirmed in patients presenting with classic features. Those who present with atypical features often undergo prolonged evaluations until a diagnosis is established. Severe anemia as an initial manifestation of GCA has rarely been described. We describe herein 2 patients with biopsy-proven GCA who(More)
BACKGROUND Because of their life-long requirement for immunosuppressive therapy, neoplastic disorders could represent a significant threat to long-term survival in infants and children after heart transplantation. This study determined the incidence and clinical spectrum of neoplastic disorders in 80 pediatric patients who underwent heart transplantation(More)
In a review of 176 patients who died after either cardiac or cardiopulmonary transplantation, 15 cases of pancreatitis were identified. The diagnosis was clinically inapparent in 11 of the 15 cases of pancreatitis. A high index of suspicion should therefore be maintained when these patients are cared for. A variety of factors may have contributed to the(More)
We were able to detect hemihypertrophy of a fetus in a routine prenatal ultrasound examination. The presence of hemangiomas and varicose veins in the hypertrophied left lower extremity at birth enabled us to diagnose the Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome. The possibility of a congenital arteriovenous fistula causing the constellation of findings was ruled(More)
Thyroid adenoma is a common disease. If partial thyroidectomy is performed, postoperative suppression therapy is often given to avoid nodule development in the remaining thyroid. It is unclear whether this treatment is warranted. Patients who underwent a partial thyroidectomy with a histologic diagnosis of follicular thyroid adenoma from January 1985 until(More)