Leigh Harman

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The discovery of purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) deficiency and T lymphocytopenia suggested that inhibition of this enzyme could serve as a therapeutic target. Inhibitors of PNP failed until structure-based synthesis of immucillin-H (BCX-1777, forodesine), a transition-state analog of PNP. The picomolar potency for PNP, T cell-selective cytotoxicity,(More)
A statistically significant positive relationship exists between ridge height of a cast and dimensional changes in the posterior peripheral seal region of its denture base. This dimensional change might be clinically insignificant, but it should not be ignored. The relationship between distortion of the denture base and composition of the denture teeth is(More)
Diuretics were suspected of affecting denture retention. A device was constructed to measure changes in retention. Data were obtained from patients both while they were receiving and not receiving diuretics. Significant changes were noted, and the results indicated that patients taking diuretics are likely to have problems with denture retention.
Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare congenital skin disease which is characterized by easy formation of traumatic skin bullae. The disease is usually detected in early infancy due to the recurrent bullae. Prognosis is dependent on the histological variant which is present. A case of autosomal recessive epidermolysis bullosa is presented, which demonstrates many(More)
An acrylic resin developed to be processed by boiling for 20 minutes in water was compared to a conventional heat-processed acrylic resin for porosity when processed according to the manufacturer's directions. No porosity was found in the conventional resin in thicknesses up to 19.5 mm. The boilable resin developed porosity in thicknesses of 6 mm and(More)
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