Leigh H. Simmons

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INTRODUCTION Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing remains controversial, with most guidelines recommending shared decision making. This study describes men's PSA screening preferences before and after viewing a decision aid and relates these preferences to subsequent clinician visit content. METHODS Men were recruited from two health systems in(More)
De Jong B. 2013. Testosterone a female hormone: testing the function and evolution of testosterone in female birds. The Netherlands: University of Groningen. Garamszegi L. 2014. Female peak testosterone in birds tell an evolutionary story: a comment on Goymann and Wingfield. Behav Ecol. 25:700–705. Goymann G, Wingfield JC. 2014. Male-to-female testosterone(More)
Shared decision making is a core component of population health strategies aimed at improving patient engagement. Massachusetts General Hospital's integration of shared decision making into practice has focused on the following three elements: developing a culture receptive to, and health care providers skilled in, shared decision making conversations;(More)
PROBLEM Physicians must be competent in several different kinds of communication skills in order to implement shared decision making; however, these skills are not part of routine medical student education, nor are they formally taught during residency training. INTERVENTION We developed a 1- and 2-hour workshop curriculum for internal medicine residents(More)
From the Departments of Medicine (L.S.F., L.H.S.) and Pathology (A.R.S.), Massachusetts General Hospital, the Departments of Medicine (L.S.F., L.H.S., R.H.G.) and Pathology (A.R.S.), Harvard Medical School, and the Department of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine (L.S.F.), Boston; the Department of Medicine, NewtonWellesley Hospital, Newton(More)
Sperm were cultured at room temperature in seminal plasma, in the presence or absence of a test item or solution. Progressive motility of the sperm was measured using a Sperm Quality Analyser IIB. A progressive decline in motility of sperm was seen under control conditions from 0 hr to 24 hrs. Culture medium did not cause a significant decline in sperm(More)
Due to the relatively high cost and inconvenience of upper endoscopic biopsy and the rising incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma, there is currently a need for an improved method for screening for Barrett’s esophagus. Ideally, such a test would be applied in the primary care setting and patients referred to endoscopy if the result is suspicious for(More)
More than any other cancer, prostate cancer screening with the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests increases the risk a man will have to face a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The best evidence from screening trials suggests a small but finite benefit from prostate cancer screening in terms of prostate cancer-specific mortality, about 1 fewer prostate(More)
Dr. Leigh H. Simmons: An 87-year-old man with multiple chronic medical problems was seen in an outpatient clinic of this hospital because of sore throat and fatigue. The patient had been in his usual health until several weeks before presentation, when hoarseness, sore throat, and increasing fatigue developed. At the urging of his family, he was seen by his(More)