Leigh C. MacIntyre

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A key role has not yet been identified for beta nerve growth factor (NGF) in the growth responses that continue to be expressed in the sensory neurons of adult animals. We have now examined the effects of daily administration to adult rats (and in a few experiments, mice) of antiserum to NGF on (i) the collateral sprouting of undamaged nociceptive nerves(More)
In mammals, ventilatory acclimatization to hypoxia is associated with an enhanced chemosensitivity of the O2-sensing carotid body, resulting in an increased respiratory drive. To test whether this sensitization involves long-term modulation of ion channel function in endogenous O2 chemoreceptors, i.e., type 1 cells, we exposed cultures of dissociated rat(More)
By using the fluorescent dye quinacrine as a marker for the Merkel cells in rat touch domes we have shown that denervation results in a progressive reduction in the number of these cells to a level that remains relatively constant at about 40% of that present at the time of denervation. The time-course of quinacrine fluorescent cell changes after(More)
By using the fluorescent dye quinacrine as a marker for the Merkel cells in the rat touch dome, we previously showed that a sustained denervation of the dome causes a rapid and persistent loss of about 60% of its Merkel cells [Nurse, Macintyre and Diamond (1984) Neuroscience 11, 521-533]. We now show that if the sensory nerves to the skin are crushed (or(More)
We have investigated in the salamander the possibility that regenerating mechanosensory nerves might prefer the epidermal Merkel cells (their specific targets) that are located within their segmental domain to those within a "foreign" domain. Since regerating nerves cross domain boundaries with no evidence of the marked delay exhibited by intact sprouting(More)
Chronic pain is often associated with sexual dysfunction, suggesting that pain can reduce libido. We find that inflammatory pain reduces sexual motivation, measured via mounting behavior and/or proximity in a paced mating paradigm, in female but not male laboratory mice. Pain was produced by injection of inflammogens zymosan A (0.5 mg/ml) or λ-carrageenan(More)
Low-threshold mechanosensory nerves in the adult rat differ both from their counterparts in lower vertebrates and from high-threshold nociceptive nerves in mammals in that they appear not to undergo collateral sprouting into adjacent denervated skin, although they will clearly regenerate into it after they are damaged. We have now studied the growth(More)
Neuroimaging has been facing a data deluge characterized by the exponential growth of both raw and processed data. As a result, mining the massive quantities of digital data collected in these studies offers unprecedented opportunities and has become paramount for today's research. As the neuroimaging community enters the world of "Big Data", there has been(More)