Leigh-Ann Dudley

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Thiourea’s reaction with hydrogen peroxide in solution under bleaching conditions at three different pH values has been investigated using 13C NMR spectroscopy. Since this reaction is fast and exothermic, it is essential that short total acquisition times be used to accumulate sufficient data to detect different species formed during the reaction. As the(More)
The aim of the present work was the development of phosphorylcholine-based treatments for biofiltration membranes and the demonstration that such treatments prevent or inhibit protein fouling. Microfiltration membranes of cellulose triacetate, polyether sulphone and polyvinylidene fluoride were etched with oxygen in a plasma chamber to generate surface(More)
1. Assess the effectiveness of commercially available PACs with a wide range of physicalchemical characteristics for PFAS removal 2. Determine whether enhanced PFAS removal can be accomplished with superfine PAC (SPAC) as a result of faster PFAS adsorption kinetics and/or a larger PFAS adsorption capacity 3. Evaluate the effects of resin type and dose as(More)
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