Leigh A Pratt

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• Demand for nursing home and other health-care services for the eldely will increase significantly as the baby-boomers age, presenting formidable challenges. Overview Nursing homes are an important component of health services for the elderly population. Specifically, nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities provide 24-hour nursing care to sick or(More)
For the elderly, sensory impairments increase vulnerability and limit the quality of life. Dimming eyesight and failing hearing can reduce physical, functional, emotional, and social well-being. Visual and hearing impairments decrease independence in performing the activities of daily living, getting from place to place, or communicating with others.(More)
To gather information about the functional behavior assessment (FBA) methods behavior analysts use in practice, we sent a web-based survey to 12,431 behavior analysts certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Ultimately, 724 surveys were returned, with the results suggesting that most respondents regularly use FBA methods, especially(More)
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