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Stereotype threat has been proposed as 1 potential explanation for the gender difference in standardized mathematics test performance among high-performing students. At present, it is not entirely clear how susceptibility to stereotype threat develops, as empirical evidence for stereotype threat effects across the school years is inconsistent. In a series(More)
The primary objective of this research was to create a detailed characterization of human milk donors, including descriptive information about demographics and lifestyle, involvement with the milk bank, reasons for donating, problems encountered while breastfeeding and pumping milk, barriers to donating milk, affective experiences, and personal values. Data(More)
Student engagement indicators, such as behavior and affective states, are known to impact learning. This study uses an established quantitative field observation method to evaluate engagement during students' use of a new version of an online learning system (Reasoning Mind's Genie 3). Improvements to Genie 3's design intended to increase engagement(More)
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