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With over 10 million git repositories, GitHub is becoming one of the most important source of software artifacts on the Internet. Researchers are starting to mine the information stored in GitHub's event logs, trying to understand how its users employ the site to collaborate on software. However, so far there have been no studies describing the quality(More)
Many software development projects struggle with creating and communicating a testing culture that is appropriate for the project's needs. This may degrade software quality by leaving defects undiscovered. Previous research suggests that social coding sites such as GitHub provide a collaborative environment with a high degree of social transparency.(More)
The microblogging service Twitter has over 500 million users posting over 500 million tweets daily. Research has established that software developers use Twitter in their work, but this has not yet been examined in detail. Twitter is an important medium in some software engineering circles—understanding its use could lead to improved support, and(More)
The multitude of social media channels that programmers can use to participate in software development has given rise to online developer profiles that aggregate activity across many services. Studying members of such developer profile aggregators, we found an ecosystem that revolves around the <i>social programmer</i>. Developers are assessing each other(More)
Software developers rely on media to communicate, learn, collaborate, and coordinate with others. Recently, social media has dramatically changed the landscape of software engineering, challenging some old assumptions about how developers learn and work with one another. We see the rise of the social programmer who actively participates in online(More)
The Social Web provides comprehensive and publicly available information about software developers, identifying them as contributors to open source projects, experts at maintaining ties on social network sites, or active participants on knowledge-sharing sites. These signals, when aggregated and summarized, could be used to define potential candidates'(More)
The adoption of software engineering practices cannot always be achieved by education or processes. However, social software has the potential for supporting deliberate behavior change. We present preliminary results of an experiment in which we encouraged computer science students to make more frequent commits to version control by using a social software(More)
Badly and inconsistently layouted business processes are hard to read for humans and therefore lack comprehensibility. Furthermore, processes generated by software have no layout at all. If stakeholders cannot comprehend the process descriptions, they are unable to validate them and ¿nd mistakes. By offering a fully automatic layout algorithm for BPMN, it(More)
Citation Sidery, T., et al. "Reconstructing the sky location of gravitational-wave detected compact binary systems: Methodology for testing and comparison. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this article(More)
GitHub projects attract contributions from a community of users with varying coding and quality assurance skills. Developers on GitHub feel a need for automated tests and rely on test suites for regression testing and continuous integration. However, project owners report to often struggle with implementing an exhaustive test suite. Convincing contributors(More)