Leif R. Wilhelmsson

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A combination of receiver windowing and intercarrier interference (ICI) canceling is proposed for improving the Doppler performance of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) systems. The windowing reduces the ICI, and also reduces the required number of canceled bins. The effect of windowing is analytically derived, and bounds are given on the(More)
The Gilbert-Elliott channel is used to evaluate the performance of Raptor codes for file download in the standard Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds (DVB-H). This allows for an analytical evaluation without assuming the log-normal fading affecting the different time-slices to be uncorrelated. The approach is also a complement to performing evaluation(More)
Carrier aggregation (CA) is introduced in 3GPP LTE Rel-10 [1] to meet the demand for further increased bitrates. While LTE Rel-10 supports simultaneous reception of two carriers either in contiguous intra-band or in inter-band CA configuration, the upcoming LTE Rel-11 will add support for non-contiguous (NC) carriers within bands. Supporting NC CA in(More)
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) estimation is commonly used in wireless receivers to enhance the performance in different ways. In this paper a novel low complexity SNR estimator for OFDM is proposed. The estimator might be implemented using floating point representation or by using only the sign-bit, and can if desired be effectively implemented by(More)