Leif Pedersen

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Based on data from 233 Danish lakes, enclosure experiments, full-scaleexperiments and published empirical models we present evidence that top-downcontrol is more important in shallow lakes than in deep lakes, excepting lakeswith a high abundance of submerged macrophytes. The evidence in support is: (1)That at a given epilimnion total phosphorus(More)
Formal specifications and supporting tools have shown to be very effective to improve the quality and correctness of a software system. A compiler is large and complex software; it takes as input a program written in some language and generates as output a program in another language. One of the main characteristics of any compiler is to preserve the(More)
Pit (Pedersen on http://pit.devpit.org , 2008; Pedersen and Reza in ISOLA ’06: proceedings of the second international symposium on leveraging applications of formal methods, verification and validation (ISOLA 2006), pp. 111–118, 2006) is a new language for low-level programming, designed to be a self-hosting alternative to C. The novelty is that it(More)
Summary form only given. Future manned exploration will involve increasingly complex missions in space and on planetary surfaces. Flight crews will need to be largely self-reliant in routine operation with ground support providing rapid expert consultation and ad hoc support. Creating and executing such control strategies requires machine intelligence,(More)
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