Leif Lundmark

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Given the increasing number of women executives in the top management teams of initial public offering (IPO) firms, the lack of female-led IPO firms is a curious fact, especially since womenowned private businesses represent almost half of the new businesses formed in the United States, with patterns of founding similar to those of male-owned businesses.(More)
An instrument for direct clinical measurement of currents between oral metallic restorations has been developed and tested on 175 contact pairs. The results are related to those obtained with an indirect method. The main advantage with the instrument is that it permits a continuous registration of the currents flowing between the metallic restorations.(More)
We developed a framework that assists in capturing the differences between two organizations. Collaborative distance captures the degree of similarity between the cooperating organizations across four separate levels of analysis: sector, organization, functional, and individual. Organizations that are very similar to each other are said to have “low(More)
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