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—This brief presents a new simultaneous multislope analog–digital converter (ADC) architecture suitable for array implementations in, e.g., CMOS image sensors (CISs). The simplest implementation is almost twice as fast as a conventional-slope ADC, while it requires only a small amount of extra circuitry. Measurements have been performed on a custom made CIS(More)
The cuticle plays a critical role in plant survival during extreme drought conditions. There are, however, surprisingly, many gaps in our understanding of cuticle biosynthesis. An Arabidopsis thaliana T-DNA mutant library was screened for mutants with enhanced transpiration using a simple condensation spot method. Five mutants, named cool breath (cb), were(More)
Today there exist several applications where a real visible scene needs to be sampled to electrical signals, e.g., video cameras, digital still cameras, and machine vision systems. Since the 1970's charge-coupled device (CCD) sensors have primarily been used for this task, but during the last decade CMOS image sensors have become more and more popular. The(More)
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