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Comprehensive knowledge regarding Saccharomyces cerevisiae has accumulated over time, and today S. cerevisiae serves as a widley used biotechnological production organism as well as a eukaryotic model system. The high transformation efficiency, in addition to the availability of the complete yeast genome sequence, has facilitated genetic manipulation of(More)
This review deals with research on the development and differentiation of the neural crest (NC) in amphibians carried out during the past twenty years. First, earlier studies on the migration and differentiation of NC cells in vitro are summarized. These studies include the modes of NC cell migration and their differentiation into chondroblasts,(More)
Migration of neural crest (NC) derived pigment cells is restricted in the white mutant (dd) axolotl embryo (Ambystoma mexicanum). Transplantations between mutant and wild type embryos show that the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the white mutant is unable to support the migration of prospective pigment cells in wild type embryos (Löfberg et al., 1989, Dev.(More)
A 25 residue peptide, Dk-(61-85), derived from the alpha 1 domain of a murine MHC class I molecule (H-2Dk), enhances cellular glucose uptake, prolongs the effect of insulin, and inhibits insulin receptor internalization without affecting insulin binding or dissociation. Full effect of the peptide is obtained at 10-100 microM. The magnitude of the(More)
This paper provides a description and evaluation of a generic named-entity recognition (NER) system for Swedish applied to electronic versions of Swedish literary classics from the 19th century. We discuss the challenges posed by these texts and the necessary adaptations introduced into the NER system in order to achieve accurate results, useful both for(More)
The skin of the white mutant axolotl larva is pigmented differently from that of the normal dark due to a local inability of the extracellular matrix (ECM) to support subepidermal migration of neural crest-derived pigment cell precursors. In the present study, we have compared the ECM of neural crest migratory pathways of normal dark and white mutant(More)
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