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In a world of increasing complexity and situational variety, business-to-business collaboration based on real time information pooling is thought to be central for optimization of the value creation process. The qualities of the Internet render possible a simultaneous exchange of information among an unlimited number of firms, causing both academics and(More)
Use of information and communication technology to support employee-driven innovation in organizations: a knowledge management perspective Leif Jarle Gressgård Oscar Amundsen Tone Merethe Aasen Kåre Hansen Article information: To cite this document: Leif Jarle Gressgård Oscar Amundsen Tone Merethe Aasen Kåre Hansen , (2014),"Use of information and(More)
This experimental study explores the relationship between text-based computer-mediated communication and innovative thinking in problem-solving groups. The research objective is to investigate how various levels of synchronicity, parallelism, and identification influence the divergent and convergent focus of the group members. An experiment involving(More)
This paper concerns potential impacts that characteristics of communication media in computer-mediated problem solving in groups have on group-members’ innovative thinking. Different processes involved in effective idea generation and problem solving are presented, and we discuss how three characteristics of communication media relevant for group(More)
Learning from failures is vital for improvement of safety performance, reliability, and resilience in organizations. In order for such learning to take place in distributed environments, knowledge has to be shared among organizational members at different locations and units. This paper reports on a study conducted in the context of drilling and well(More)
Drilling automation is a rapidly growing area of information technology development. Efforts within automation are being undertaken by numerous and diverse organizations in the oil and gas industry, partly due to a desire for exploitation of marginal and complex fields, and partly in order to increase safety of high risk operations. As offshore drilling(More)
A business model represents the decision space for strategic options of a firm. These options are determined by the market situation in which the firm operates. Among these options the firm makes its strategic decisions which are evaluated by the firm’s performance in the market measured by business values. Thus, there is a link between market conditions,(More)
BACKGROUND In a safety perspective, efficient knowledge management is important for learning purposes and thus to prevent errors from occurring repeatedly. The relationship between knowledge exchange among employees and safety behavior may be of particular importance in distributed organizational systems where similar high-risk activities take place at(More)
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