Leia Scheinvar

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The ploidy levels and amounts of DNA of 23 Opuntia species from Mexico were determined by flow cytometry. Four different ploidy levels (2n = 2x, 2n = 4x, 2n = 6x, 2n = 8x) with 2C-DNA amount ranging from 4.17 pg (Opuntia incarnadilla Griffiths) to 6.53 pg (Opuntia heliabravoana Scheinvar) were determined among the samples analyzed. Polyploidy is widespread(More)
The research on alternative natural colorants is of growing interest as substitutes for synthetic dyes in food. Opuntia lasiacantha Pfeiffer (red prickly pear) pigment was extracted from fruits of three different localities. The extracted pigment was identified as betanin by HPLC analysis comparing to the commercial beet red colorant E-162/1600. Color(More)
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