Lei-ming Xu

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the validity of whole body diffusion-weighted imaging (WBDWI) for the detection of malignant lesions. METHODS Nine healthy volunteers, 4 postoperative cases of malignant tumor and 16 malignant tumor cases were included in this study. 29 cases underwent whole body diffusion-weighted imaging on GE Signa Excite HD MR scanner within one(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore an approach of CT rendering and mechanical analysis for rib fracture that was inextricable on X-ray film in legal medical practice. METHODS 17 cases with rib fracture undetermined on X-ray chest film in legal medical practice underwent CT scans. The thin slices (0.75 mm or lmm) of images were reconstructed with smooth and sharp(More)
OBJECTIVE To show imaging findings of inferior orbital fissure (IOF) and groove (IOG) on axial CT scans and to discover their anatomic variations, so as to avoid misdiagnosing them as orbital fracture. METHODS 25 normal skull were used to investigate the configurations of IOF and IOG. Five skulls were performed axial CT scans. 20 normal orbital axial(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore an approach to distinguish avulsion fracture of articular portion from anatomic separated epiphysis. METHODS 21 cases with suspicioned avulsion fracture of articular portion of tubular bone were reviewed. The cortical continuity of separate small bone and contiguous bone portion was investigated. The swell of soft tissue around these(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the diagnostic values of Auto Fluorescence Imaging (AFI) combined with Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) in the diagnosis of the intraepithelial neoplasia of Barrett's esophagus (BE). METHODS Seventy four suspicious BE intraepithelial lesions were assessed in 50 patients by AFI, who were further subjected to NBI mode to observe the changes of(More)
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