Lei-min Li

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It is important to detect and recognize the traffic sign for mobile robot localization and navigation. In this paper, an algorithm frame of feature detection and matching has been developed which includes shape detection, Harris corner detection, SIFT feature matching and robust estimation method. Firstly, the color threshold segmentation algorithm in RGB(More)
In order to eliminate vehicle shadow in moving vehicle detection, a novel vehicle shadow elimination approach is presented based on mark growing of multi-feature fusion. The selection of mark points and the establishment of growing rules are critical. Firstly, background model is obtained by mixture Gaussian method. Then gradient difference of foreground(More)
In this paper, a method with tabu search and multi-population based genetic algorithms for path planning is proposed. Different genetic operators are compared in order to find the fittest genetic operator. The simulation indicates that the tabu search heavily enlarges the search efficiency, and multi-population technic combine with different fitness(More)
As Internet sustains high-speed development, its service quality, reliability and efficiency are taken into account once again. Some solutions are proposed. Network measurement technology can reflects operation condition of IP network and discover network abnormity in time which provides reference for orientation and discovery of network fault. Firstly,(More)
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