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Virtual stores provide great efficiency in the retail value chain, and their existence has tremendously paved the way for the diffusion of electronic commerce. Understanding the determinants of consumer acceptance of virtual stores will provide important theoretical contributions to the area of business-to-consumer (B-to-C) electronic commerce and lead to(More)
Data warehouses are users driven; that is, they allow end-users to be in control of the data. As user satisfaction is commonly acknowledged as the most useful measurement of system success, we identify the underlying factors of end-user satisfaction with data warehouses and develop an instrument to measure these factors. The study demonstrates that most of(More)
The last few years witnessed the increasing internal and external use of the Internet by organizations. Web sites grew in sophistication from conventional sites composed of a simple collection of Web pages for public relations or marketing to complex Web information systems dealing with business-tocustomer transactions or business-to-business networks.(More)
online commerce, will become increasingly important as businesses realize the value of physically exchanging information goods (Chen & Sherrell, 2001). As a communication medium, the World Wide Web (WWW) provides an inexpensive new method for interacting with customers. A company’s Web presence also helps enhance credibility, gather feedback, improve(More)