Lei Zhang

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The employment of forward backward (FB) processing to both batch and adaptive beamformers provides a superior performance than the forward only (FO) algorithm. Based on the finite sample minimum variance distortionless response (MVDR) beamformer, a set of closed-form expressions for the variance of the weight vector, the output(More)
A class of constant modulus algorithms for uniform linear arrays with a conjugate symmetric constraint, Abstract A class of constant modulus algorithms (CMAs) subject to a conjugate symmetric constraint is proposed for blind beamforming based on the uniform linear array structure. The constraint is derived from the beamformer with an optimum output(More)
Universal filtered multi-carrier (UFMC) systems offer a flexibility of filtering arbitrary number of subcarriers to suppress out of band (OoB) emission, while keeping the orthogonality between subbands and subcarriers within one subband. However, subband filtering may affect system performance and capacity in a number of ways. In this paper, we first(More)
—One major advantage of cloud/centralized radio access network (C-RAN) is the ease of implementation of multi-cell coordination mechanisms to improve the system spectrum efficiency (SE). Theoretically, large number of cooperative cells lead to a higher SE, however, it may also cause significant delay due to extra channel state information (CSI) feedback and(More)