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CD4+ T cells are important in adaptive immunity, but their dysregulation can cause autoimmunity. Here we demonstrate that the multifunctional adaptor protein beta-arrestin 1 positively regulated naive and activated CD4+ T cell survival. We found enhanced expression of the proto-oncogene Bcl2 through beta-arrestin 1-dependent regulation of acetylation of(More)
To study the predictors of postoperative aggravation of shoulder imbalance in severe and rigid thoracic or thoracolumbar scoliosis. In this study, 49 patients with severe and rigid thoracic or thoracolumbar scoliosis were analyzed retrospectively. The patients underwent whole-spine anteroposterior and lateral radiography preoperatively and postoperatively.(More)
BACKGROUND Nonviral gene transfer generally suffers from short-term expression of transgenes. We have previously demonstrated that plasmids with reduced CpG content exhibited a more prolonged expression of murine interferon (IFN)-beta or IFN-gamma, which was effective in inhibiting metastatic tumor growth. A further extension of the duration of transgene(More)
BACKGROUND Coflex, a type of interspinous process implant, can provide intervertebral dynamic stability for surgical segments and effectively relieve lumbocrural pain. However, few studies have described therapeutic strategies and the avoidance of Coflex implant complications. METHODS Coflex implant complications in this study included intraoperative or(More)
BACKGROUND Despite numerous biomechanical studies have been carried out on dynamic stabilizers, there is very little information on their hybrid application, especially when combined interspinous dynamic stabilization with single-level fusion. The aim of this study is to assess the biomechanical effect of interspinous dynamic stabilization adjacent to(More)
Trypsin has been extensively used in laboratory settings for in vitro epidermal separation and keratinocyte isolation for over 50 years. The aim of this study was to assess the enhancing effect of trypsin on the transdermal delivery of insulin by applying its specific biochemical properties to react with the stratum corneum (SC) of skin. Bovine insulin was(More)
Murine IL-4 is a pleiotropic cytokine with undefined core functional region for eliciting downstream signaling. We used molecular modeling to predict the binding sites recognized by an anti-IL-4-neutralizing mAb (11B.11) and peptide phage display to delineate their makeup. The results of these approaches were confirmed by site-directed mutagenesis analysis.(More)
Software testing aims to assure the quality of software under test. To improve the efficiency of software testing, especially regression testing, test-case prioritization is proposed to schedule the execution order of test cases in software testing. Among various test-case prioritization techniques, the simple additional coverage-based technique, which is a(More)
Mutation testing is a powerful methodology for evaluating test suite quality. In mutation testing, a large number of mutants are generated and executed against the test suite to check the ratio of killed mutants. Therefore, mutation testing is widely believed to be a computationally expensive technique. To alleviate the efficiency concern of mutation(More)
To report our 11-year minimum clinical and radiological outcomes, as well as complications of the Charite III total disc replacement (TDR). A total of 35 patients indicated for total disc replacement were implanted with the Charite III prosthesis. Clinical evaluation included visual analog scale (VAS) for back pain and the Oswestry disability index (ODI).(More)