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Software testing aims to assure the quality of software under test. To improve the efficiency of software testing, especially regression testing, test-case prioritization is proposed to schedule the execution order of test cases in software testing. Among various test-case prioritization techniques, the simple additional coverage-based technique, which is a(More)
Mutation testing is a powerful methodology for evaluating test suite quality. In mutation testing, a large number of mutants are generated and executed against the test suite to check the ratio of killed mutants. Therefore, mutation testing is widely believed to be a computationally expensive technique. To alleviate the efficiency concern of mutation(More)
Murine IL-4 is a pleiotropic cytokine with undefined core functional region for eliciting downstream signaling. We used molecular modeling to predict the binding sites recognized by an anti-IL-4-neutralizing mAb (11B.11) and peptide phage display to delineate their makeup. The results of these approaches were confirmed by site-directed mutagenesis analysis.(More)
BACKGROUND Locking compress plate, as external fixator, is an attractive technique for distal tibial fracture treatment. But it still remains unclear whether the external LCP has sufficient stiffness. Thus, the present study aims to make a comprehensive evaluation of the stiffness of external locking compress plate when it is used as an external fixator in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate effect of Activ L total lumbar disc replacement on lumbar sagittal alignment. METHODS The imaging data of patients with degenerative disc disease received Activ L total lumbar disc replacement at Department of Orthopedics, Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Capital Medical University from March 2009 to March 2013 were retrospectively(More)
BACKGROUND Despite numerous biomechanical studies have been carried out on dynamic stabilizers, there is very little information on their hybrid application, especially when combined interspinous dynamic stabilization with single-level fusion. The aim of this study is to assess the biomechanical effect of interspinous dynamic stabilization adjacent to(More)
Short-term expression of transgenes is one of the problems frequently associated with non-viral in vivo gene transfer. To obtain experimental evidence for the design of sustainable transgene expression systems, the contribution of epigenetic modifications to the decline in transgene expression needs to be investigated. Bisulfite sequencing and reactivation(More)
Correspondence To the Editor: Cervical radiculopathy (CR) is a common problem with an episodic course that affects a large proportion of the population. The review indicated that nonoperative treatment is the main course. However, there is little high‑quality evidence on the nonoperative therapy for CR. The purpose of this conservative therapy was built up(More)
The many-accelerator architecture, mostly composed of general-purpose cores and accelerator-like function units (FUs), becomes a great alternative to homogeneous chip multiprocessors (CMPs) for its superior power-efficiency. However, the emerging many-accelerator processor shows a much more complicated memory accessing pattern than general purpose(More)
A short overview about the potential of polarized beams at future colliders is given. In particular the baseline design for polarized beams at the ILC is presented and the physics case for polarized e − and e + is discussed. In order to fulfil the precision requirements spin tracking from the source to the interaction point is needed. Updates concerning the(More)
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