Lei Yen Cheung

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In this work, we present a new social image dataset related to the fashion and clothing domain. The dataset contains more than 32000 images, their context and social metadata. Furthermore the dataset is enriched with several types of annotations collected from the Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) crowdsourcing platform, which can serve as ground truth for(More)
Neutrophil infiltration is a critical event in the development of multiple organ failure during sepsis. We hypothesized that platelet-activating factor (PAF) release contributes to neutrophil infiltration in the gastrointestinal tract during sepsis. In the first experiments we administered exogenous PAF (1.56, 6.25, 25, and 100 ng . kg-1 . min-1 for 30 min)(More)
The previous binaural data of the authors measured inside two multi-purpose performance halls are re-analyzed using regression in this study. It is done in an attempt to establish a framework that can improve the prediction of early interaural cross-correlation coefficients (IACCs), but with as little measurement effort and parameters as possible. The(More)
A detailed binaural sound measurement was carried out in two multi-purpose performance halls of different seating capacities and designs in Hong Kong in the present study. The effectiveness of using neural network in the predictions of the acoustical properties using a limited number of measurement points was examined. The root-mean-square deviation from(More)
Conventional and ion-selective microelectrodes were used to characterize transport of Cl- across the basolateral cell membranes of gastric surface epithelium in isolated preparations of gastric antrum of Necturus. Conventional, voltage-sensing electrodes were used to evaluate changes in membrane potentials and resistances during removal of Cl- from the(More)
Intracellular microelectrode techniques were used to characterize basolateral membrane K+ conductances in isolated Necturus antral mucosa. Exposure of tissues to progressively higher levels of serosal K+ (4, 20, 40, or 60 mM) resulted in progressively greater depolarizations of basolateral membrane potentials and decreases in membrane resistance, consistent(More)
The effects of luminal instillation of 16,16 dimethyl PGE2 (dmPGE2) on gastric acid secretion and back diffusion of H+ were studied in anaesthetised dogs which were prepared with a segment of the greater curvature of the stomach mounted in a double lumen chamber. This model permitted simultaneous evaluation of two segments of mucosa, one control and the(More)
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