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With a huge amount of protein sequence data, the computational method for protein-protein interaction (PPI) prediction using only the protein sequences information have drawn increasing interest. In this article, we propose a sequence-based method based on a novel representation of local protein sequence descriptors. Local descriptors account for the(More)
The enantioselective preparation of pharmacologically interesting chroman-fused spirooxindole derivatives is described based on an organocatalytic multicomponent cascade reaction. The compounds synthesized using this method potently inhibited the proliferation of various cancer cell lines. The most potent compound (7e) induced caspase-independent apoptosis(More)
BACKGROUND Carbon ion therapy may be better against cancer than the effects of a photon beam. To investigate a biological advantage of carbon ion beam over X-rays, the radioresistant cell line HeLa cells were used. Radiation-induced changes in the biological processes were investigated post-irradiation at 1 h by a clinically relevant radiation dose (2 Gy(More)
A novel multicatalytic MBH-Michael tandem reaction has been developed for the asymmetric assembly of ninhydrin, nitroolefins and aldehydes into a structurally complex oxa-spirocyclic indanone backbone. Successive iodocyclization allowed us to convert these multifunctional allylic products into fused chiral natural product mimics.
Melanoma is a malignant tumor with high invasive and metastatic properties. Though radiation is the major therapy for melanoma, its radio-resistance has been shown to severely influence the clinical outcome. So it is imperative to enhance the sensitivity of uveal melanoma cells to radiotherapy. Previously, we found that the cell cycle of 92-1 uveal melanoma(More)
1 National Key Laboratory of Vehicle Transmission, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China; wangyanzi_bit@hotmail.com (Y.W.); bitpop@126.com (Y.Z.) 2 Transmission System Section, Powertrain Department, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation Motor Commercial Vehicle Technical Center, Shanghai 200432, China; yanglei01@saicmotor.com 3 The(More)
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and aggressive type of primary brain tumor in adults. Patients with this disease have a poor prognosis. The objective of this study is to identify survival-related individual genes (or miRNAs) and miRNA -mRNA pairs in GBM using a multi-step approach. First, the weighted gene co-expression network analysis and(More)
The emergence of Cloud Services and Mobile Internet has influenced the society a lot, including the tourism industry. This paper proposes a design of backpacking service, not only aimed at the travelling routines, but also focus on the low-cost airlines. This kind of service aids backpackers with an effective travelling and satisfy the price requirement.(More)
In this paper, Au-Ag-Au double shell nanoparticles were prepared based on the reduction of the metal salts HAuCl4 and AgNO3 at the surface of seed particles. Due to the synergistic effect between Au and Ag, the hybrid nanoparticles are particularly stable and show excellent performances on the detection of 2-mercapto-1-methylimidazole (methimazole). The(More)