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Neutrino Physics with JUNO
The Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO), a 20 kton multi-purpose underground liquid scintillator detector, was proposed with the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy (MH) as aExpand
Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Air Temperature Variability: 1840–2007*
Meteorological station records and regional climate model output are combined to develop a continuous 168-yr (1840-2007) spatial reconstruction of monthly, seasonal, and annual mean Greenland iceExpand
Response of deep soil moisture to land use and afforestation in the semi-arid Loess Plateau, China
Soil moisture is an effective water source for plant growth in the semi-arid Loess Plateau of China. Characterizing the response of deep soil moisture to land use and afforestation is important forExpand
Microstructure, mechanical and corrosion properties and biocompatibility of Mg-Zn-Mn alloys for biomedical application
Mn and Zn were selected to develop a Mg-Zn-Mn magnesium alloy for biomedical application due to the good biocompatibility of Zn and Mn elements. Microstructure, mechanical properties, corrosionExpand
Microstructure, mechanical properties and bio-corrosion properties of Mg–Zn–Mn–Ca alloy for biomedical application
Abstract Microstructure, mechanical properties and bio-corrosion properties of as-cast Mg–Zn–Mn–Ca alloys were investigated for biomedical application in detail by optical microscopy, scanningExpand
Biocorrosion behavior of magnesium alloy in different simulated fluids for biomedical application
The biocorrosion behavior of a magnesium alloy in two simulated body solutions, Hank's Solution and simulated blood plasma (SBP) solution was investigated by electrochemical and weight loss testingExpand
Poplar calcineurin B-like proteins PtCBL10A and PtCBL10B regulate shoot salt tolerance through interaction with PtSOS2 in the vacuolar membrane.
A crucial role of PtCBL10s in shoot responses to salt toxicity in poplar is suggested, and the molecular basis for genetic engineering of salt-tolerant tree species is provided. Expand
Highly fractionated granites: Recognition and research
Granite is one of the most important components of the continental crust on our Earth; it thus has been an enduring studied subject in geology. According to present knowledge, granite shows a greatExpand
Increased expression of intranuclear AChE involved in apoptosis of SK-N-SH cells
It is suggested that AChE plays an important role in the procession of neuroblastoma cell apoptosis and favor the association between A ChE and neuronal apoptosis in AD. Expand
Response of temporal variation of soil moisture to vegetation restoration in semi-arid Loess Plateau, China
Abstract Soil moisture is fundamental to ecosystem sustainability in semi-arid regions, and characterizing the response of temporal soil moisture variation to different vegetation types is importantExpand