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Software Defined Networking (SDN) is evolving to such a phase that multiple programming languages and rule specifications coexist. However, current SDN compilers are closely bound to both languages and rules, thus disable the interoperability and compatibility of SDN programs. To solve this problem, we propose to modularize the SDN compiler by leveraging(More)
The paper focuses on the dynamic pricing game of the duopoly air conditioner market with disturbance in demand and analyzes the influence of disturbance on the dynamic game system. Considering the demand for products, such as air conditioner, varies with different seasons, we assume three cases based on the condition of disturbance, including growth market(More)
P-type copper-based oxide thin films are fabricated by DC reactive sputtering of copper at room temperature (RT) and studied as a function of oxygen partial pressure (O<sub>PP</sub>). Cu<sub>2</sub>O crystalline phase is observed at 10% O<sub>PP</sub> and it changes to CuO when O<sub>PP</sub> increases to 15%. The crystallinity of the deposited films(More)
The impacts of substrate heating scheme on the characteristics of amorphous indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (a-IGZO) TFTs fabricated on flexible PEN substrate are investigated. For the a-IGZO TFTs fabrication, the substrate is heated during the a-IGZO deposition, pre-annealing in N<sub>2</sub> is also conducted before passivation layer deposition, and(More)
The 2020 RES-targets of the EU until 2020 require substantial growth of RES-technologies and sectors. Solar thermal energy can provide an increasing share of this amount, in particular looking on the period beyond 2020. However, this will need corresponding ambitious policy instruments and support. This paper provides scenarios for solar thermal energy in(More)
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