Lei Xiaoyong

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An articulated character skinning usually requires manual skeleton embedding and vertex weight painting. We propose a fast and automatic method for skeleton generation and character skinning. First, we segment the given character mesh by the sequential steps of NCV(normal characteristic value) computation, segment points refinement, and principal component(More)
Load balancing determines the performance and scalability of sort-first rendering clusters. A dynamic load balancing algorithm based on deferred shading is presented. The proposed algorithm is based on the 2-pass rendering character of deferred shading to predict the rendering load distribution among the screen space. Utilizing fragment shaderings and alpha(More)
In the multi-projectors display system, color correction is still a primary problem without a perfect solution. The difficulty of color correction mainly comes from three points: intensity transform function (ITF) calibration, intensity balancing and edge blending. In this paper, a synthetic color correction method composed of new algorithms against the(More)
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