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Thirty Newcastle disease virus (NDV) strains isolated from outbreaks in China during 1996 to 2005 were characterized pathotypically and genotypically. All strains except one were velogenic. An analysis of the variable region (nucleotides 47 to 420) of the F gene indicated that 6 isolates belonged to genotype II, 3 to genotype III, 1 (isolated from a pigeon)(More)
Three cases of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) found in nature had the lentogenic motif (112)G-R-Q-G-R-L(117) in their fusion protein cleavage sites. However, both intracerebral pathogenicity and intravenous pathogenicity indexes showed that these NDV isolates were virulent. In comparison with the LaSota live virus vaccine, these viruses had significant(More)
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